04 April 2007

About Norsknett

Welcome to Norsknett, a blog that provides online activities and resources for students and teachers of Norwegian Studies. The Norsknett blog is updated daily with tips for learning Norwegian, grammar or vocabulary exercises, links to articles and other online materials, reviews of language learning materials, photos, and YouTube videos.

Norsknett also provides a detailed list of recommended books, films, and electronic equipment for Norwegian language learners and teachers, most of which can be purchased at Amazon.com or other online retailers. In addition, Norsknett produces a variety of print materials and other products available for sale through the Norsknett Store, a storefront hosted by Cafepress.com.

Norsknett is owned by Nancy Aarsvold, a Norwegian Instructor at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. Nancy has been teaching Norwegian for over 20 years and holds a B.A. in Norwegian and English from Pacific Lutheran University and an M.A. in Scandinavian Studies from the University of Minnesota. In addition, she attended the International Summer School in Oslo and took the Diplomeksamen after a year of study at the University of Oslo. Previously, Nancy has taught at Camp Norway, the University of Minnesota, and Augsburg College.

Nancy specializes in materials development, integrating technology into language teaching, and second language acquisition. Below is a list of other print, multimedia, and online materials that Nancy has created.

NorWords: The home for the small business that Nancy owns together with her colleague, Kari Lie. In August 2006, they released the first books in their Introductory Norwegian curriculum: Sett i gang I: Textbook and Workbook / Sett i gang I and II: Glossary. In February 2008, Sett i gang II: Textbook and Workbook was released. These books are available for online purchase at Lulu.com, and the audio is available for free on the NorWords site.

Ukas lydklipp: The archive for a website that presented a weekly news story from P4 radio, including the audio clip, two short exercises, a word list, and the transcript. This site was sponsored by P4 radio and St. Olaf College, and it is not being updated anymore.

Naiv.Super: A website with chapter summaries and exercises to go with the novel Naiv.Super. by Erlend Loe. This novel is used in fourth semester Norwegian course at St. Olaf College.

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