08 June 2008

Norwegian Wind Power

(Source: The World Factbook, CIA)

Here's an interesting article about how Norway plans to make the transition from producing oil to another source of energy. Written by Michael Graham Richard at Treehugger.com, the article describes one very good use of the Norwegian oil revenues.

"Norwegian Wind Power Could Become Europe's Battery"

"Norway's Oil and Energy Minister, Aaslaug Haga, seems to think that wind turbines are a good bet. The Scandinavian country is the 5th biggest exporter of oil in the world, but it also has the longest coastline in Europe and lots of strong wind. A 30-page report vy the Energy Council, comprising business leaders and officials, says: 'Norway ought to have access to up to 40 terrawatt hours of renewable energy in 2020-2025, of which about half would come from offshore wind power.' "

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